Fandom Year-End Review /o/

1. The series you loved the most this year? Oh gosh, Steve Erikson ended the Malazan Book of the Fallen main series, and after I was done, I ... honestly couldn't read anything else for like half a year.  And when I finally got around to picking up another book, it was to start the series over again. 
2. Series that you gave up on?  Haha, I have to say Naruto climbed into a pretty deep fail-hole.  It's kind of funny; when I first started reading the series, I flat out gave zero fucks about the Uchiha; now they're pretty much the main reason I read it. >.>a
3. Series that you want more of/plan to continue? Fuck the police! I want moar Homestuck.  Yes, I get that errybody is in full on hate-boner over it, but it's just a series.  And I'm thoroughly intrigued by all of it. >|
4. A series you liked but aren't in love with?  Heh, Merlin has come to occupy this spot for me.  I was really into it before -- and don't get me wrong, I still love it! -- but man, I've only picked up the third ep of this last season, and I haven't even watched that.  I will, but ... not yet.
5. Series you still love even if it's not your biggest?  Reborn!  I ... am a few chapters behind, but I like where it's going, even if it's the same old shonen game.
6. Biggest disappointment? Looking at you, Kishi.  :|||
7. Series you miss the most? I don't really have one for this ... I guess I kinda still miss X, though.  Aaaah, CLAMP and their ADD; I don't know if it'd even be something recognizable if they picked it up now, though.
8. Series everyone talked about that you want to try? Well, I suppose this was HS for me? Though at this point, I've tried it.  T&B, though, once I get around to finding time to watch another series.
9. Series everyone talked about that you definitely won't try?  There's no such thing as a series I won't try.  Still not interested in Tennis bros or Pokemans, though. >P
10. What series you're still keeping up with right now?  You know ... for all the disappointment, I'm pretty much glued to the end to Naruto. 
11. What you're looking forward to in 2012? Uh ... series?  IDEK what's coming out.  I expect KHR is going to get kinda cray-cray though, and I'm okay with this. :3
12. Anything else? lol butts? idk gonna re-read me some Nurarihyon, good times. :3


This is the part where I remember I never essentially have anything of interest to say these days.  A part of me wanted to bitch and whine about how awful retail is/how exhausted I am hereabouts this time of year, but then I realize that I've been doing that since I started working, essentially, and I'm almost 30?

So instead, I am going to link to shows I want to go see, because I need to keep the list somewhere handy for future reference.

January 26 - Secret Chiefs 3
February 18 - Matthew Good
March 1 - Henry Rollins
April 18 (or 19) - Andrew Bird & Laura Marling
April 27 - Marchfourth Marching Band

Plenty to keep me occupied through the next few months; I am super, super stoked that MG is coming back; I missed him last time, opting instead for Shearwater -- and while I don't regret that, exactly, Matthew is heartstopping live and I am excited to have a second opportunity.

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dreamwidth and stuff

Gosh, livejournal is so quiet lately. I check every couple of days or so but it's rare to find more than a few entries. /sideeyes plurk

Anyway, I got me a dreamwidth during the whole ... lj meltdown of july. You can find me there as arclights because I am big on originality, apparently.

Weird urge to break up with RP again and just focus on fic; at least that way, the only disappointment I get to deal with shows up on my own end. I blame part of this on the fact that oh my god you guys, I signed up for Kink Bingo -- which is, incidentally, how I will be putting most of this dw account to use. So yeah, if you're interested in that, or want to collect everyone for your pokedecks flists, go add me. I'll tentatively guarantee you epic amounts of filthy Uchiha porn involving the middle children. And ... idk maybe I'll get around to doing a few other things, too. Probably involving samurai, or other ninjas.
vader pony

Naruto 551 (spoilingly spoiling spoilers)

...wait we waited on pins and needles for this?  I wanted moar Shisui; Kishi you are a cocktease of the highest caliber.

/shakes fist

Uhrrrrrm.  IDK guys. I'm kind of caught between KYAA ITACHI YOU GO GURL (YOUR JOKES ARE THE SUBTLEST) and '.....really?'  omg Nagato, so terrifying and hardco-- oh, what's that?  Yeah, sword of totsuka? That was about as predictable as a predictable thing can get.  I suppose, though, if you've got THUNDERFURY, BLESSED BLADE OF THE WINDSEEKER at your disposal, why not?  Still, the term 'genius' seems to have lost all meaning a long time ago; I've yet to see it, and that makes me kind of sad, because I don't doubt it.

I suppose that's one thing, though; at least he's moving shit right along, keeping the fights short.

...good luck trying to convince me that this isn't commentary on the series itself.  KISHI KNOWS, MAN.  On the plus side, the discussions on my plurk list have been full of interesting. xDD  Also, now that someone asked about the 'wait, so is Itachi not a zombie?  Will he get to stick around?  Why the fuck doesn't Kabuto just unsummon him if he's going to cause trouble?  My only imaginable response to this at 6 am was he's just going to be like Ed from Shaun of the Dead and live in Naruto's woodshed after this is all said and done, duh.

But.  'So, Naruto ... why are you alive, then?'  I cackled.

'Sup, Internet

I am the worst internet-girlfriend ever. But springtime is speaking to me in strange ways, and I think I'm ready to come play again a little bit. Sorry, internet, and all its denizens -- I really do love you. ♥

So yeah.

Super excited about June -- Okkervil River! On the 26th! In Tucson! Holy shit I am so excited I can't even


Okkervil River. Finally. I've been wanting to catch one of their shows in forever, and have bypassed Death Cab, The Decemberists, and Calexico for this. Just. Kyaaaaaaaa. ♥

I should probably get used to their new album, huh? The Stage Names took me a little while to get used to, so I imagine Wake and Be Fine will be the same. I miss Murderess, though OR does have a pretty solid history of remaking songs and making them better. And I do like the instrumentation on Piratess, but I miss those nuanced altered lyrics that they did with Another Radio Song and Black Sheep Boy #4.

Soooooooo. Yeah. Not a lot as changed, I suppose, externally. Today was awesome, getting to talk to chiretto and mourir, however briefly. Kinda surprised that I was remembered!

Talk to me, f-list! What's going on? What's the new favorite series? I miss writing fic like whoa. I miss socializing, and hearing the silly details of your day. I still love you! ♥♥♥
possibly edible


So, winter is almost over. Almost ... though I imagine there's one more epic snow in the making. It's been kind of a weird one, honestly; two separate occasions of foot-deep snows that lasted past noon, which is absurdly rare.

I feel a little silly selling my little 35-mpg CRX and getting a gas-guzzling 12-mpg V8 Jeep, but it was kind of an emergency buy -- I only had a day to shop, and apparently 99% of the cars on craigslist are a complete scam. These were the only people that called me back! Either way, despite it's fixer-uppishness, I am in love with it in a way that I was never in love with the CRX. My hippie heart weeps to hear this sudden attachment to a giant fucking SUV.

It doesn't have a name yet, though. 'Beast' has sufficed, for the time. Also, ZORU decals. :D :D :D They amuse me, oh my god.

Hey, wtf is up with turning LJ into facebook? Games, really? And is it suddenly relevant now, so spammers are queuing up to make things ugly? Thanks, Russia. ♥

This is an amazing year for books. The beginning of the month involved Amazon shipping me both the tenth (and final) book of the Malazan Book of the Fallen series (still my favorite, nyaaah, also I cried the last two hundred pages, non-stop) and Patrick Rothfuss' second, which I am so keyed up for I haven't even touched it yet but oh my goddddddd. (Okay, honestly I've been reading Stonewielder, Esslemont's newest edition to the Malazan Empire series and yes I know Esslemont has nothing on Rothfuss but whatever.) Also, Dance of Dragons is supposed to have a firm date in July, which no, I won't hold my breath, but with the series coming out on TV I think they'll do it, if only because it'll kick sales in the ass. I really need to re-read Martin's stuff but holy shit ASOIAF is so emotionally draining that it's tedious as hell at times and I'm not ready for a month-long black depression. At least Erikson provides moments of levity, even when you're sobbing your heart out.

Eeeeeh. Oh god, back into WoW again, after a few months on and a lot of months off, picked up Cataclysm last night and have been playing with a Worgen while I tried to remember what I was doing. (Greymane! x2! How could I not have an Avowed character, fuuuuuu ... though I wanted a Baaljaag or Garath.) Anyway, that'll probably be a few weeks' distraction, at least.

Also, the SO and I talking about babies. This is exciting. :D

Oh! I'm no longer a boss; our store didn't make enough money to keep my position, so the rug kinda got cut out from under me. Rather than tossing me out on the street (as they did to a few of the leads when this happened before), I was given the choice of open store positions; I'm in Electronics, now. Not sure how I'll like it yet (I just finished the computer training a few minutes before days off), but less hours and less responsibility for more money? Why not! It's base + commission, but whatev; if I don't like it, I know how to fill out applications.

Crap, didn't mean to write that much, sorry (if anyone actually reads these even; I'm pretty unreliable in lj-land ... or online, really, for that matter). How is everyone? Any marriages? Anyone get knocked up? :D

ohai lj

Mmmm, computer time. So rare! So precious! So ... early. But! Thanks to the melatonin (and despite the fact that I closed last night and had to be up again at balls o'clock this morning) I woke up without that perpetual fog (and living under) that makes it hard to get up without nine or more hours of sleep -- which are harder and harder to come by.

Collapse ) -__- But I feel a tiny bit better letting it out somewhere, I suppose. I hope your year is going much better, and that NaNos are being smooth and playing along. Good luck!

Stuff and things.

Looking for another job. It's kind of amazing, having had a good 80% of my coworkers come and apologize for the company bending me over a table and doing me wrong (but, strangely enough, not a single manager lol). It's about time, huh?

Final Fantasy XIV CE showed up on my doorstep yesterday afternoon. Verdict: beautiful, and infuriating. I hate comparing things with WoW, because they're entirely different companies and systems, but WoW is so ridiculously intuitive and easy to work with in comparison. Haven't had time to set up my controls properly, but the default config gives me finger cramps. (Strongly considering getting a PS-style controller to attach to the computer.) Looking at the map is an absolute nightmare. The update downloader constantly times out or refuses to download, so instead I have to find the torrent and then open it in Azureus. Pay-per-character is not as clever as Squeenix thinks it is. The CE in-game special item is not as good as the regular edition item? I was completely confused trying to equip a goddamn helm.

I want so badly to love this game. Like, dropped 90$ despite not being terribly impressed with XI want to love this game. The concept of job-switching and whatnot sounds really neat, and like I said, it is absolutely gorgeous. Right now, though, I can only muster about 35% pleased. ;___;

Anyway, off to work now. :|