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23 December 2011 @ 03:50 am
This is the part where I remember I never essentially have anything of interest to say these days.  A part of me wanted to bitch and whine about how awful retail is/how exhausted I am hereabouts this time of year, but then I realize that I've been doing that since I started working, essentially, and I'm almost 30?

So instead, I am going to link to shows I want to go see, because I need to keep the list somewhere handy for future reference.

January 26 - Secret Chiefs 3
February 18 - Matthew Good
March 1 - Henry Rollins
April 18 (or 19) - Andrew Bird & Laura Marling
April 27 - Marchfourth Marching Band

Plenty to keep me occupied through the next few months; I am super, super stoked that MG is coming back; I missed him last time, opting instead for Shearwater -- and while I don't regret that, exactly, Matthew is heartstopping live and I am excited to have a second opportunity.

Current Music: Bim - The Magic of Us