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24 September 2010 @ 01:33 pm
Stuff and things.  
Looking for another job. It's kind of amazing, having had a good 80% of my coworkers come and apologize for the company bending me over a table and doing me wrong (but, strangely enough, not a single manager lol). It's about time, huh?

Final Fantasy XIV CE showed up on my doorstep yesterday afternoon. Verdict: beautiful, and infuriating. I hate comparing things with WoW, because they're entirely different companies and systems, but WoW is so ridiculously intuitive and easy to work with in comparison. Haven't had time to set up my controls properly, but the default config gives me finger cramps. (Strongly considering getting a PS-style controller to attach to the computer.) Looking at the map is an absolute nightmare. The update downloader constantly times out or refuses to download, so instead I have to find the torrent and then open it in Azureus. Pay-per-character is not as clever as Squeenix thinks it is. The CE in-game special item is not as good as the regular edition item? I was completely confused trying to equip a goddamn helm.

I want so badly to love this game. Like, dropped 90$ despite not being terribly impressed with XI want to love this game. The concept of job-switching and whatnot sounds really neat, and like I said, it is absolutely gorgeous. Right now, though, I can only muster about 35% pleased. ;___;

Anyway, off to work now. :|
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