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21 February 2010 @ 12:09 pm
The Outside In - An Uchiha Itachi FST  
Archived here so I don't forget it; this is actually over a year old, originally posted at an RP I'm no longer a part of. Enjoy!
outside in: an atia fst
01 Shearwater - On the Death of the Waters (3.08)
02 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Good Son (6.03)
03 VNV Nation - Epicentre (6.24)
04 Radiohead - Reckoner (4.50)
05 Calexico - All Systems Red (6.05)
06 Sarah McLachlan - Black (4.29)
07 Islands - Vertigo (If it's a Crime) (11.02)
08 Elbow - The Bones of You (4.49)
09 Assemblage 23 - Cocoon (5.59)
10 Okkervil River - So Come Back, I am Waiting (8.03)

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01 the beginning is  a n   e n d

as the spindle
flies apart
turn your bow to the biggest wave,
but your angel's on holiday
and that wave rises slowly
and breaks.

02 his(tory)

But down in his heart now
He lays down his queer plans
Against his brother and against his family
Yet he worships his brother
And he worships his mother
But it's his father, he says, is an unfair man

(and he curses his virtue like an unclean thing)

03 re:birth

I'm so sorry if these seething words I say
impress on you that I've become
anathema of my soul

I can't say that you're losing me
I always tried to keep myself tied to this
but I know where this is leading
no tears
no sympathy

04 awakened

because we separate
like ripples on a blank shore
in rainbows

05 (un)sheathed

now the grey is broken in the early morn
and the words forming barely have a voice
it's just your heart that's breaking
without choice.

06 eyes open

If I cried me a river of all my confessions
Would I drown in my shallow regret?

07 the ghosts of y o u

[pick me up so i can fall back down again
descending into vertigo
if it's a crime they'll hang me every time
i tried to offer up a reason why
i tried, my dear, to set things straight
i fear that i was too late to be cleared of the crime]

08 black bird // white sky

and I dealt with this years ago
I took a hammer to every memento
but image on image like beads on a rosary
pulled through my head as the music takes hold
and the sickener hits;
I can work till I break
but I love the bones of you
that I will never escape

09 absolute truths

give me isolation just for now
i feel a hard rain coming down
i promise that i will be back soon
but for now i'll return to my cocoon

10 "thematic elements"

a black sheep boy dissolves
in hot cream, in sweet moans
in each dead bed and empty home
in each seething bacterium

killing softly and serial
he lifts his head: handsome, horned, magisterial
he's the smell of the moonlight wisteria
he's the thrill of the abecedarian
(see the muddy hoofprints where he carried you?)
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